Top 7 Must-Have Eye Makeup Products for Your Bridal Makeup Kit

Your soul is reflected in your eyes. To convey a million stories with your bridal makeup look, use the best available eye makeup products in your bridal makeup kit to draw your eyes perfectly. Depending on your event outfit, you might go for gorgeous smokey eyes, the cat-eye trend, gradient eye makeup, and so much more. To get the dramatic bridal eye makeup look, experts at team Dejavu, the best makeup artist in Bangalore, are always ready to help you. In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite bridal eye makeup products.


In the world of makeup, eyeliners have a unique power that few other products possess. When done correctly, a beautiful eyeliner stroke can completely transform your look and make it appear stunning without any further effort.


False lashes aren’t always the handiest or comfortable solution. Sure, you’ll want to use their feathery beauty for your D-day, but mascara is an excellent choice for other events when you want to keep it mellow but strong. Furthermore, the options are endless. You can choose a natural-looking coat, one with flare, or one with a voluminous look.


It’s simple to create some pivotal eye looks these days. Search “your favorite eye look” on Youtube, and you’ll get hundreds of results. You can also type the name of an eye-shadow palette to create eye makeup with just one palette. An eye shadow look is essential for synchronizing your makeup, adding dimension to your eyes, and enhancing your attractiveness.

Eye Primer

If your liner fades swiftly, there’s a good chance your eye shadow will as well! To avoid this, use a decent eye primer to provide a strong base for your eye makeup and ensure that it stays put for longer. Do not use a face primer instead of an eye primer. Use a concealer to create an even base for your eye makeup if you don’t want to invest in an eye primer separately. Face primers can create a slippery surface on the thin skin around your eyes, ruining your eye makeup.


Good kohl can make you appear attractive, seductive, and dramatic all at once. That is why, since the ancient period, women all over the world have had a committed relationship with them. Previously, homemade kajal was prepared with charcoal or a lamp. The times have changed, and kohl formulations that are convenient and modern in their forms have evolved as well.

Brow Pencil

With precision, fuller brows can define your entire face, making you look refreshed, and adding dimension to your eye look. You’ll need a right-brow pencil with good pigmentation and stay strong to make them.

Eyelash Curler

We frequently overlook the basics in our search for essential products. While mascara or artificial lashes don’t need any support on their own, a curler can may help to enhance the overall impact of the product.

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