Makeup Flaws? Not Anymore: Dejavu Makeup is here

In a world where everything is booked online, finding time for a dry run is necessary. Anyone’s wedding day will be smoother and the bride will be happier and less stressed. To do. Makeup artists who have never seen the bride’s skin may not know if she is super dry and needs moisturizing products to prevent flaking.

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Read our expert advice below to avoid this along with other wedding makeup mistakes.

Do not test drive

A real test will allow you to determine if that make-up artist is right for you. Your wedding ceremony day isn’t always the time for your make-up artist to strive out a formidable new look. You can upgrade your makeup a bit, but try to stay consistent with your usual makeup, so you can look like yourself on your wedding day and not be seen like someone else.

Using too much blush

Some makeup artists have taken the term “blushing bride” to a whole other level. While you want your bride to look radiant, it’s important to remember that she’s likely creating her natural blush that’s edgy. You should always start with a decent apply blush to your cheeks, take some of the foundation left on the foundation brush you used earlier, and tone it down from the top of the blush.

Not using a finishing powder

Makeup artists should always use a finishing/matte powder to set makeup. A day without it could result in your makeup separating and fading rapidly. Mattifying powder also helps control the shine from camera lights.

Experimenting with new products

A makeup artist shouldn’t be putting new products on her face on her wedding day. Otherwise, you run the risk of developing skin reactions such as redness or rashes. Do a dry run of any products you plan to use at least a week or two in advance.

Do not apply primer

Some makeup artists forget about primer, but it’s essential. Without them, your makeup is more likely to crinkle and fall off quickly. Search “makeup academy near me” for a better understanding of the mistakes generally took place during the event.

Choose products that don’t last long

A wedding is usually an emotional event that lasts day and night. Choose long-lasting products to minimize touch-ups, and always wear smudge-proof, waterproof mascara with water-repellent silicone, even if you don’t normally wear waterproof mascara.

Overuse of foundation

Before the digital revolution, brides were bad at applying foundation and their skin often didn’t look perfect in photos. But with today’s advanced technology, the ‘less is more’ approach translates well into photography. For a natural look, try a light, long-lasting foundation.

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