5 Bridal Beauty Tricks That Will Help You to Deal with a Makeup Disaster

In the best-case scenario, you wake up with an extra-terrestrial radiance on your wedding day. Your skin looks dewy and fresh throughout the day. After a touchup, you won’t get the dreaded uni-lash or end up looking cakey. Worst-case scenario, all of your wedding-day beauty worries come true.

The reality is, no matter how well-scripted your wedding day is, there’s a high possibility your best-made plans will go awry. While unplanned makeup gaffes are impossible to avoid, they can surely be rectified. Go through this blog to know five beauty emergencies you could be facing, as well as quick fixes. And if you need the best bridal makeup artist in Bangalore for your upcoming wedding, feel free to contact team Dejavu.

You Awake with Puffy Eyes

After back-to-back wedding celebrations, it’s only natural to wake up exhausted. To minimize puffiness, place two teaspoons in the freezer for 15-20 minutes, and then put them on your eyes for a few minutes. Apply a small dab of hemorrhoid lotion behind your eyes to tighten up the skin and minimize swelling in under a minute if you prefer a more scientific method.

You Have Got a Pimple

Various catalysts might cause you to break out on the day of your wedding, ranging from stress and an unsuitable diet during the festivities (too much dairy, oil, sugar, and spice) to an insufficient sleep pattern. Instead of picking at the pimple, apply ice to it for a few minutes to lessen the redness. After that, use an acne cream or a light anti-inflammatory spot treatment containing salicylic acid, followed by a waterproof concealer.

Your Makeup Came Off Due to Hard Crying

Considering that you’re only expected to shed a few tears on your wedding day, having a light hydrating liquid foundation on hand is a good idea. To clean up the makeup mess, we recommend using light micellar water and reapplying a small dab of foundation over the smeared areas. Blend to finish, and avoid using compact powders for touchups because they tend to make you look cakey rather than flawless.

You Break or Chip a Nail

The best technique to handle this situation is to file the fractured nail carefully without removing the polish. To get the best results, start from underneath the nails. If the nail is severely chipped, trim it down a little before buffing it out, then cover it with a dab of a similar-colored polish.

Your Lipstick Smears or Fades Off

Lightly clean the area with a Q-tip soaked in micellar water to cover up smudged lipstick. Then, carefully blend a little concealer around the borders of your lips. If you think it’s essential, reapply the lipstick.

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Top 6 Tips to Get a Glowing Skin for Your D-day

The most talked-about topic on the internet has to be bridal skincare. The majority of individuals, on the other hand, are unsure of how to achieve the same glowing, beautiful skin as beauty bloggers and celebrities. Team Dejavu, the best wedding makeup artist in Bangalore, is dedicated to providing you with the best. In this blog, we’ve come up with a list of the top 6 tips & tricks for healthy, flawless, and soft bridal skin.

Sheet Masks are a Savior

Your skin requires moisture every week. While there are numerous ways to hydrate your skin, including drinking enough water, eating well, and sticking to your daily skincare routine, sheet masks can provide an extra boost of hydration twice a week.

Healthy Diet is Essential

A healthy diet is essential for your body and skin. Vitamins and minerals are stored in fresh fruits and vegetables, which are beneficial to human health. Include them in your daily diet to maintain youthful and beautiful bridal skin. Furthermore, beauty supplements can provide a mild, nutrient-rich nudge in the right way for your skin. Dermatologists recommend using glutathione, sodium hyaluronate, and vitamin C in your routine.

Look Beyond Your Neck

When most people discuss bridal skincare, they neglect to note that skincare isn’t just for the face. You should take care of your skin on the rest of your body, particularly your arms and legs. Invest in a good body wash, exfoliate once in a while, and moisturize your skin every day!

Never Skip Your Night Skincare Routine

During the day, your skin is exposed to pollutants, UV radiation, dirt, and dust. At night, your skin has the opportunity to repair the damage, rejuvenate, and regenerate new cells. As a result, before going to bed, you must thoroughly cleanse your face of any dirt or old makeup. Adopting a nighttime skincare routine aids your most vital organ in healing more rapidly and effectively.

Facial Exercises are Helpful

Working out in the gym may do wonders for your body, and the same applies to your facial skin. By exercising your face muscles, you can enhance blood circulation, which has a direct link to your skin’s natural radiance. To tighten the skin, sweep your fingers outwards across your forehead while applying gentle pressure. Then, to lift the sides of your face, place both palms on your temples and push them back. Now, hold for five seconds and repeat it twice.

Some Cardio Exercises or Yoga is Necessary

Stress can speed up the aging process, resulting in wrinkles and other skin problems. So, while you are indulging facial yoga in your daily routine, a few pranayamas or a little cardio isn’t bad for your skin. Beyond physical and mental well-being, they are also extremely beneficial for your bridal skin.

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