Beauty Evolved, Perfectly Bridal with Evolving Bridal Makeup

Becoming a bride is a dream come true for each bride. However, the process of becoming a bride is just as hard as any other preparation.

From bridal outfits to matching accessories to the perfect bridal makeup, yes it hasn’t evolved, but the bridal makeup that has changed a lot with the new bridal look is spread across various social media platforms.

Before deciding on your bridal makeup in Bangalore with a makeup artist, be aware of new trends in bridal looks that can take your overall look to a new level.

Indian bridal makeup has changed and evolved dramatically over the years. Makeup trends have changed a lot in the last few years.

So, in Dejavu Makeup you will get to know the evolving makeup trends.

Outline all the Way

The trend in bridal makeup in Bangalore that has sworn off in the last two years is undoubtedly the art of contouring. Define facial features to outline cheeks and other facial areas that need sculpting.
Day or night, contouring is just as important as blushing your cheeks.

No Makeup or no Makeup Looks

Gone are the days when brides had to wear heavy makeup with dark eyes and lips to look their best.

With changing trends and makeup, choose a no-makeup look with bright or glossy lips, subtle eye makeup, and rosy cheeks to get ready for the day.

Eye Makeup

Bridal attire is always changing, so eye makeup has changed the most. From gold or light eyeshadows to smoky and bold eye makeup.

Yes, smoky eyes are the new eye makeup trend in bridal makeup with soft, bright lip colors.

Red Retro Lips

Red lips are the only Indian bridal look that was popular both before and today. Red lipstick can rock any bride, but by keeping the makeup soft and delicate all over the face.

A red lip color never fails at a wedding. It has always been and always will be a bride’s favorite.

Highlighter, the New Light Game

Pink and orange flushed cheeks aren’t as trendy as they used to be. One thing that is all the rage right now is the cheek highlighter.

The highlighter not only adds a perfect glow to your cheeks but also to your temples and lip arches.


Eyebrows are something you can’t miss. Unlike pencil brows, brow mascaras, brow gels, and powders are used to shape and define brows, creating an instant and dramatic change to the overall bridal makeup look. We’re making great progress.

Hydrated Skin

Fresh, glowing skin is a trend not only in the makeup industry but also in bridal wear. Yes, airbrush or HD makeup for hydrated hydrated skin for a smooth, flawless finish and long-lasting makeup.

You will get every modern tip and trick about modern-day trends in our makeup classes.

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