Questions To Ask While Picking Up The Best Professional Makeup Course

Are you planning to make a career as a makeup artist?
If this is your decision, then you must be very proud of yourself to have decided in this manner. In case you are a resident of Bangalore, then you must be very sure about finding your way to the best institution that offers the most wonderful and job-oriented professional makeup courses in Bangalore.

As Bangalore has quite a few such institutions, your task of finding the best institution cannot be that easy. You may not be able to decide correctly and that may lead to some unwanted errors that you cannot bear or tolerate. To make the task easy, you must prefer to ask some questions to the institutions. Here are a few questions that you must ask before you commit any mistake!

Question #1: How long have you been in this training industry?
Reason for asking this question: The reason for asking this question is to find out how experienced the institution is. Usually, joining the best institution is the safest decision as it has the best professional makeup courses in Bangalore. So, you must ask this question and look for the most authentic answers too!

Question #2: What are the best training courses you have been running at your institution?
Reason for asking this question: This question is also very good! Usually, a particular institution offers multiple training programs and allows the students to pick up the best one. If you want to be a specialist in bridal makeup, then you should join the right program for bridal makeup in Bangalore.

Question #3: Do you provide any certificates to the participants after they complete the course?
Reason for asking this question: Indeed, you cannot skip this question! Usually, a certificate in a professional course proves that you have genuine training and you are capable of doing something special. Of course, getting a certificate for the professional makeup courses in Bangalore is mandatory, and most leading institutions, like Dejavu Makeup, issue certificates to successful candidates.

Question #4: What is the cost of the training program? What is the mode of payment?
Reason for asking this question: The cost of the training program is always a special thing that you cannot overlook. Usually, leading institutions have diverse charges and that is why reaching them and getting quotes should be the best thing you can do. Here, you should be very particular about comparing the quotes before deciding on a particular training institution!

Question #5: How would your institution help me to get the right job opportunities?
Reason for asking this question: On many occasions, companies have diverse plans to help their candidates. They either appoint them to their own institute as faculty members or ask them to work professionally as makeup artists.

Question #6: Is there anything special in your training sessions that others do not have?
Reason for asking this question: On many occasions, leading makeup training institutions to take special measures to facilitate their trainees. They often provide them with guest lectures by some legendary makeup artists. These professionals reach them to deliver their expertise. It is a big facility that helps the budding artists of bridal makeup in Bangalore in a big way!

The Closing Thought…!
If your search for reaching the best institution for professional makeup courses in Bangalore is unable to take you to the best place, then you can certainly adopt the method of asking questions. This method has been tested and trusted by thousands of people! It is your time to test the process!

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How to Select the Eyeshadow Colour According to Your Skin Tone for Your D-day

It can be troublesome to pick an eyeshadow color that looks nice on you on your wedding day, especially if you don’t wear eye makeup very often. There are thousands of distinct colors in various shades to choose from, and it might be arduous to pick just one that looks good on you. Fortunately, you can use your skin tone as the prime basis for selecting the perfect shade to complete your ensemble. In this blog, the best wedding makeup artist in Bangalore is going to tell you how to choose the proper eyeshadow color according to your skin tone for your special day.

Firstly, Figure Out Your Skin Tone

Observing your veins in natural light is a simple way to determine skin tone. You have a cool skin tone if they appear blue or purple, which is common in people with a fair or pale complexion. If your veins seem green, your skin tone is warm, and you may have olive skin. You may have a neutral skin tone and a darker complexion if you can’t determine what color they are. Keep in mind, however, that people with darker skin might have a cold or warm skin tone.

  • If you’re still unsure about your skin tone, consider if you tan or burn easily when exposed to the sun. You probably have a warm skin tone if you tan easily. If you burn, though, you most likely have a cool skin tone.
  • You can also choose between silver and gold depending on whether you look better in silver or gold. Gold is ideal for warm skin tones, whereas silver is best for cold skin tones. Neutrals, on the other hand, appear identical in both cases.
  • You’re probably in the neutral category if none of these strategies seem to work.

Neutral Colors for Warm Skin Tones

You want to work with your skin’s undertones, which are yellow or golden. Bronze, light pink, coral, and light green are all shades that will help to enhance your natural coloring.

Silvery & Blue Colors for Cool Skin Tones

Blues and pinks are natural undertones for cool skin types, so play up your features with colors like silver, teal, lilac, or grey.

Use Everything for Neutral Skin Tones

Those with neutral skin tones are lucky that they don’t have any undertones, allowing them to use almost any color. Try taupes or creams if you want to work with natural coloring.

Stay Away from Ashy or Pallid Shades for Darker Skin

Throughout the day, these hues will fade and wear away. Richer shades, such as jewel tones (emerald, violet, ruby, sapphire), may appear more muted on darker skin and stay longer.

Avoid Grays & Dark Grays for Fairer Skin

Not only will these colors fade your complexion, but they may also make you appear bruised. Choose softer colors like lilac, rose, or baby blue to avoid this. These colors will stand out against your skin without being too overbearing.

Let this blog help you. If you want to book a professional makeup artist for your upcoming wedding, hire the best wedding makeup artist in Bangalore at Dejavu. It is pertinent to note that if you are looking for the top makeup artist course in Bangalore, shaking your hands with Dejavu is the best option.

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How to Get Your Skin Prepared for the Wedding Day

On your wedding day, you’ll spend a lot of time making sure the flowers arrive on time, the centerpieces are in good shape, and everyone in your bridal party is present. But there is one thing you can be sure of with just a little planning and TLC: flawless skin. Here are a few tips to keep your skin free of flaws and soft and smooth throughout the day and night.

Getting that Wedding Glow

You’ll want a perfect face free of dry skin, acne, and other skin impurities with all eyes on you, not to mention photos that will live on in infamy. You’ll have to start prepping months ahead of time for delicate face skin – the best wedding makeup artist in Bangalore recommends starting six months before your wedding day.

Exfoliating, cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your skin twice a day, morning and night, can make a tremendous change in the appearance of your skin. Furthermore, toning is essential after cleansing because it helps to restore pH balance, reduce the appearance of pores, and rejuvenate your skin.

Throughout Smooth Skin

Even if your wedding gown covers a lot of spots, it’s more important to draw attention to the visible areas, such as your neck, chest, back, and shoulders. You can think of the skin on your neck and chest as an extension of your face; it’s just as delicate, if not more, and requires similar care. Make sure you’re getting these areas when you’re washing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. Remove dead skin cells on your back and shoulders in the bath or shower, then use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer daily. It will keep the look and feel of your exposed skin soft and smooth.

Consider including a dry body brush in your morning routine for the rest of your body. Body brushing has a slew of advantages, including improved circulation, the removal of dry, dead skin, the prevention of ingrown hairs, the elimination of toxins, and the unclogging of pores. This procedure takes only five minutes and does not necessitate a visit to the spa or a dermatologist.

Taking Care of Hands and Feet

Your wedding day is the one day in your life when you’d like to have lovely hands. The face, hands, and even feet, are the most exposed parts of the body, making them more susceptible to skin impurities.

Use a moisturizing lotion throughout the day, especially after you wash your hands, to prepare your hands for all of those close-ups and show off your ring. Avoid soaps that dry quickly to prevent cracking, calluses, and roughness. And, as with professional spa treatments for your face, if you’re planning on getting a manicure or pedicure close to your date, make sure you’ve done some trial runs first.

Maintain Long Lasting Healthy Skin

There are a few general guidelines to follow that will benefit every inch of your skin. The first and most important rule is to drink enough water. Water helps to remove toxins from the body, and given enough time, can help to prevent breakouts.

Following a healthy, whole foods diet and lifestyle (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats) and taking supplements are two more strategies to heal the skin from the inside out. Remember, you’ll not only look great, but you’ll also feel fantastic. Also, if you spend a lot of time in the sun, make sure you use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher and dress appropriately.

Let this blog help you. If you want to book a professional makeup artist at an affordable price for your upcoming wedding, hire the best wedding makeup artist in Bangalore at Dejavu. It is pertinent to note that if you are looking for the top makeup artist course in Bangalore, shaking your hands with Dejavu is the best option.

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Top 5 Necessary Products for Your Bridal Makeup Kit

Weddings and makeup are inextricably connected. Makeup is a vital part of every bride’s bridal preparations. From picking multiple makeups looks to selecting a makeup artist and conducting innumerable makeup trials, a well-planned wedding has it all. As a bride-to-be, though, having your own wedding makeup kit is essential. Because you can’t always have a makeup artist on hand, this SOS bridal makeup kit can save your face in an emergency. So, in this blog, the top wedding makeup artist in Bangalore will discuss some necessary products that should be included in your bridal makeup kit. Put them in a cute pouch and carry them with you to hide any makeup gaffes.


Mascaras are possibly the only thing that can make your eyes appear larger, brighter, and more awake. Whether you want to add length or volume to your lashes, mascara is a must-have in your bridal makeup kit. You don’t want to look like a panda with streaks of mascara streaming down your face, so choose a waterproof product.


You’re all aware that lipstick is the finishing touch that brings your entire look together, and any emergency bridal makeup kit would be incomplete without it. A matte lipstick that is of good quality and lasts a long time is a must-have in your makeup kit. If you’re unsure about the lip color to choose for the kit, pick one that is the closest match to the color your makeup artist is planning to use for that particular event.


What’s a bridal beauty kit without some glitz and glam? To be honest, you’re losing out on a lot if you don’t have a highlighter with you. A highlighter is available in a variety of textures, including liquid, cream, and powder, and you can choose the color that best matches your skin tone. The finest tool for strobing and emphasizing the high points of your face, giving it an illuminated look, is a highlighter combined with a nice bronzer. Apply it to your nose bridge, cupid’s bow, brow highs, and cheekbones, and you’re done. You should include it in your bridal makeup kit as a bling armor.

Makeup Setting Spray

A makeup setting spray is an ideal way to ensure that your makeup not only sets and blends nicely but also lasts longer than usual. You’re going to be a bride, so you’ll need a spray that not only does the aforementioned functions but also soothes your skin.

Blotting Paper

Finally, but certainly not least, blotting paper should be included in any bridal makeup kit. Keep blotting papers on hand if you have oily or combination skin, or if you’re getting married in the summer. These are a must-have for removing excess shine from your face and preventing sweat and oiliness from spoiling your make-up. Blotting papers can also be used to refresh your makeup without having to reapply it. Use them on your nose, forehead, chin, and any other places that need a boost. It is a simple cure to make your skin look flawlessly smooth without ruining your makeup.

Let this blog help you. For any bridal makeup-related guidance, feel free to reach experts of Dejavu, the best makeup academy and the provider of the top makeup artist course in Bangalore.

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Top 7 Bridal Skincare Tips for a Glowing Wedding Skin

Everyone wants their skin to glow on their wedding day, but how can you get it? We’ve got the inside scoop on how to maintain a bridal routine for beautiful skin and navigate wedding skincare from the professionals. Continue reading this blog for bridal skincare tips that will ensure you have glowing skin on your wedding day. And if you are looking for the best makeup artist in Bangalore, feel free to contact the experts of Dejavu.

Early Assessment

Start a strategic bridal skincare routine for glowing skin approximately a year in advance if you truly want to get your skin in tip-top condition. It’s ok if you don’t have a lot of time before your wedding — start practicing these beneficial bridal skincare habits as soon as you can.

Schedule Professional Facials

Your wedding is the ideal opportunity to indulge in some extra pampering. You’ll want to schedule facials monthly to keep your skin looking fresh. To improve blood circulation and maintain your skin looking healthy, experienced aestheticians will massage your skin, scalp, and decolletage. You can also ask for extractions. This is when your facialist cleans your pores and removes all the dirt. The procedure necessitates preparation and special techniques that, if done at home, can cause irritation and, in the worst case, scarring.

Manage Extra Facial Oil

Blotting papers will keep your face shine-free while you’re on the run. Streamline your routine if you require a more advanced grease solution. Use a gentle cleanser, skip the toner, and continue with a light, oil-free moisturizer. Excessive face cleaning will increase oil production, which isn’t ideal for achieving that bridal glow.

Eat Healthy Food

Your skin loves water, regardless of whether it’s oily, dry, normal, or a combination. Drinking water is beneficial, but so is munching on naturally hydrating foods like watermelon. What are some other superfoods for your face? Grapefruit, cucumbers, tomatoes, and kale are all great choices.

Make Use of Salt Scrubs to Soften Elbows

When it comes to their bridal routine for beautiful skin and wedding skin preparation, this is the one thing most brides overlook. Include bath salts containing sodium bicarbonate in your weekly routine. The sodium bicarbonate will dissolve dry spots and turn your skin into a moisture sponge. When you go in for a facial, ask an aesthetician to apply a glycolic peel to your elbows if you have particularly tough patches.

Apply SPF 30 on Your Lips

It’s easier to prevent chapped lips than it is to repair them once they’ve become dry and cracked. A thick balm with SPF 30 will keep your lips nourished if you spend a lot of time outside, especially in windy, sunny, or cold weather.

Shampoo your Makeup Brushes

You add a layer of acne-causing bacteria to your skin every time you swipe on your blush with a dirty brush. It’s simple to clean your brushes by washing them with shampoo, rinsing them, then hanging them to dry with the bristles facing down. It will also make your makeup colors more accurate.

Let this blog help you. For any bridal makeup-related guidance, contact experts of Dejavu, the best makeup academy and the provider of the top bridal makeup course in Bangalore.

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