Strength Of The Leading Makeup Academy You Want To Join!

In case your decision of making a career in wedding makeup is final, then your decision is perfect, especially if you consider it with the present context. A large number lost their employment during the Pandemic period and that has made finding jobs even more difficult. In such a situation, any attempt at self-employment can be highly appreciated! In case you are a resident of Bangalore, then you must prefer joining the best makeup academy in Bangalore to become a priority.

Here, the selection of the best makeup academy in Bangalore becomes a critical task that you cannot deny or avoid. To ease your task, you must have some clear information about the leading institutes that promise superior facilities for every student that joins the best course to become the best wedding makeup artist in Bangalore! Here is a short discussion on the strength of the best makeup academy that you would like to join!

Top Team of Professional Trainers:

Certainly, the strength of the best makeup academy in Bangalore rests on the shoulders of its trainers. Usually, the academy appoints the best trainers who have proven skills in training future incumbents. These trainers have a natural intention to impart the best training to the candidates.

Superb Environment:

It is another big strength of the best institution that offers the best courses for bridal makeup artists. The whole institute tries its best to maintain an electrifying atmosphere that helps to run the teaching-learning process. Everyone is ready to cooperate with one another so that everyone can get the real advantage of the training.

Wonderful Facilities:

Indeed, the facilities always play a major role in determining the quality of teaching in the institution. The best makeup academy in Bangalore has the best facilities that every trainee can avail of without any kind of hesitation. As a trainee, you can feel free to avail yourself of all the facilities that the institute has.

Completion of the Course!

It is yet another strength of the best makeup training institute! It follows a plan that helps in the timely completion of the course. You must be very particular about participating in the course and complete the same on time and get the certificate. It is good to know and note that the institutes issue the certificates to successful candidates only. So, you must try to work hard to complete the course and get the certificate.

Affordable Fee:

The best makeup academy in Bangalore is very particular about charging the best fee to the candidates. The candidates at these makeup academies feel comfortable paying the fee and getting the training. To get the best training at an affordable cost, you can pick up the best training institute that offers superior facilities and get the right training.

The Bottom Line…!

While you plan to become a successful wedding makeup artist in Bangalore, then you should do well to reach the best makeup academy in Bangalore and join the right course. You can always join the right experts at Dejavu Makeup. The institution has been doing well to get the right training for the best and most ambitious trainees.

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Questions To Ask While Picking Up The Best Professional Makeup Course

Are you planning to make a career as a makeup artist?
If this is your decision, then you must be very proud of yourself to have decided in this manner. In case you are a resident of Bangalore, then you must be very sure about finding your way to the best institution that offers the most wonderful and job-oriented professional makeup courses in Bangalore.

As Bangalore has quite a few such institutions, your task of finding the best institution cannot be that easy. You may not be able to decide correctly and that may lead to some unwanted errors that you cannot bear or tolerate. To make the task easy, you must prefer to ask some questions to the institutions. Here are a few questions that you must ask before you commit any mistake!

Question #1: How long have you been in this training industry?
Reason for asking this question: The reason for asking this question is to find out how experienced the institution is. Usually, joining the best institution is the safest decision as it has the best professional makeup courses in Bangalore. So, you must ask this question and look for the most authentic answers too!

Question #2: What are the best training courses you have been running at your institution?
Reason for asking this question: This question is also very good! Usually, a particular institution offers multiple training programs and allows the students to pick up the best one. If you want to be a specialist in bridal makeup, then you should join the right program for bridal makeup in Bangalore.

Question #3: Do you provide any certificates to the participants after they complete the course?
Reason for asking this question: Indeed, you cannot skip this question! Usually, a certificate in a professional course proves that you have genuine training and you are capable of doing something special. Of course, getting a certificate for the professional makeup courses in Bangalore is mandatory, and most leading institutions, like Dejavu Makeup, issue certificates to successful candidates.

Question #4: What is the cost of the training program? What is the mode of payment?
Reason for asking this question: The cost of the training program is always a special thing that you cannot overlook. Usually, leading institutions have diverse charges and that is why reaching them and getting quotes should be the best thing you can do. Here, you should be very particular about comparing the quotes before deciding on a particular training institution!

Question #5: How would your institution help me to get the right job opportunities?
Reason for asking this question: On many occasions, companies have diverse plans to help their candidates. They either appoint them to their own institute as faculty members or ask them to work professionally as makeup artists.

Question #6: Is there anything special in your training sessions that others do not have?
Reason for asking this question: On many occasions, leading makeup training institutions to take special measures to facilitate their trainees. They often provide them with guest lectures by some legendary makeup artists. These professionals reach them to deliver their expertise. It is a big facility that helps the budding artists of bridal makeup in Bangalore in a big way!

The Closing Thought…!
If your search for reaching the best institution for professional makeup courses in Bangalore is unable to take you to the best place, then you can certainly adopt the method of asking questions. This method has been tested and trusted by thousands of people! It is your time to test the process!

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How to Select the Eyeshadow Color According to Your Eyes for Your D-day

Choosing an eyeshadow color that looks good on you on your wedding day might be tricky, especially if you don’t wear eye makeup often. There are dozens of different colors in various hues, and it might be troublesome to choose just one that looks nice on you. Fortunately, you can use your eye color as the prime basis for selecting the perfect shade to complete your ensemble. In this blog, the best wedding makeup artist in Bangalore is going to tell you how to choose the proper eyeshadow color according to your eyes for your special day.

Lighter For Blue Eyes

Darker colors will draw attention away from your eyes rather than enhance them. Coral, champagne, or a gray-brown color scheme will work well. Swipe a champagne tone across your lid and a similar brown into your crease while adding eyeshadow. To make your bright blue eyes stand out even more, use black eyeliner.

Smoky Shades for Grey Eyes

Gray eyes are similar to hazel eyes, but they reflect blues, greys, and greens rather than browns, golds, and greens. Instead of changing the color of the eye, use smoky tones like misty greys or silvery blues to bring out the natural grey. To attract greater attention to the grey, use a darker eyeliner like black or a deep brown.

Metallics for Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes, like grey eyes, can change based on the color of makeup you choose. Shades of bronze, gold, or deeper pinks like a dusty rose, on the other hand, work best to retain the natural hazel shade. To enhance the mixed hues without changing them, use a neutral beige on the lids and a green metallic on the crease.

Muted Colors for Green Eyes

Green eyes pop out on their own, so muted colors help to bring emphasis to their natural shine. Green eyes will appear more vibrant if you choose colors like dusty purple/plum or brown. Start with a little pink on the lid and work your way up to a deep purple on the crease. To help the green pop, blend the two into a gradient and finish with a plum eyeliner.

Contrasting Colors for Brown Eyes

Almost any shade will work with brown eyes, but colors on the opposite side of the color wheel, such as purple or teal, will aid to deepen the brown. Colors like salmon, coppery gold, or a reddish-brown, on the other hand, work beautifully. Stick to more neutral tones for light brown eyes, such as a light pink on the lid and a reddish-brown in the crease.

So, if you want to book a professional makeup artist in Bangalore at an affordable price for your upcoming wedding, hire the best wedding makeup artist at Dejavu. It is pertinent to note that if you are looking for the top makeup classes in Bangalore, shaking your hands with Dejavu is the best option.

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Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Makeup Artist for Your Bridal Makeup

The most iconic and memorable day of your life is your wedding day. Fast ahead fifty years and it will continue to be the most special day of your life. The wedding day is one of the few moments in one’s life when she should be treated like a princess. Your wedding day will be remembered not just for the happy memories but also for the photos that caught those memorable moments. As a result, it is not something to be taken lightly.

You cannot afford to overlook the best wedding makeup artist in Bangalore while organizing and finalizing the various vendors for your wedding. It is still a crucial aspect of the whole event. The wedding makeup artist is vital to your faultless appearance. Here are four reasons why hiring a professional bridal makeup artist for your wedding day is essential.

Be Relax and Stress-free

You deserve to be treated like a princess on this special day. You’re already nervous and experiencing conflicting emotions. You have a lot on your plate, and that’s where a professional bridal makeup artist comes in handy. Because you won’t be able to handle everything on your own, the two most important aspects of your wedding i.e., hair and makeup should be managed by a professional who can provide the best bridal makeovers for your D-day. You will be able to stay stress-free and happy as a result of this.

Proper Knowledge and Ability

Knowing how to apply bridal hair and makeup techniques to the bride makes it easier for them. The bridal makeup artist has spent time studying their specialty. It’s in their DNA to have played with colors. They will be flawless in every way, from the foundation shade that matches your skin tone to the perfect lipstick and eyeliner. When your beauty team arrives at the venue, they provide you with the best results possible, taking into account your skin type and the theme of the event. They’ll shape your brows to frame your eyes and hide that last-minute pimple. A professional bridal makeup artist will have been trained in a variety of fields.

Using Best Quality Cosmetics

Professionals’ bridal hair and makeup kits are usually packed with high-quality items that last a long time, and perfecting the technique takes years of practice. The bride looks lovely with these products, and the makeup lasts all day and night. Their products will not cause skin irritation. They understand that each bride’s skin type is unique, and they use the best products to suit your skin.

Memorable Photos

Aside from your makeup and hair, the most significant expense will be in photography. For the camera, you must present yourself in the best possible way. It would boost your confidence and beauty if you have flawless makeup and hair done by the best wedding makeup artist in Bangalore. The photos will come out remarkably well. Your wedding photos will be with you for the rest of your life. The wedding makeup artist is aware that some elements of your makeup will appear 30% lighter in photos than they are in actuality. Only a professional can apply the exact quantity of product to your face to ensure that you appear your best in the photographs.

Now you know how essential it is to book a professional makeup artist. So, don’t hesitate! Hire the best wedding makeup artist in Bangalore at Dejavu, for your upcoming wedding. It is pertinent to note that if you are looking for the best makeup academy in Bangalore, shaking your hands with Dejavu is the best option.

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Top 7 Nifty Bridal Makeup Tips for a Summer Wedding

The main concern for brides during the summer wedding season is keeping their makeup intact. And for those of you ladies, we’ve got some fantastic summer wedding makeup tips in this blog. It’s only natural to be concerned about your makeup during the summer, even how hot it may become. You don’t want it to seem overly cakey or melt due to the heat. So, read this blog and if you are looking for the best wedding makeup artist in Bangalore, feel free to reach experts of Dejavu.

Water, Water, Water

The most important thing to remember is to keep your skin and yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. There’s no way to hide dry and unhealthy skin with makeup. Furthermore, because it is summer, your body will want more water. So, keep yourself hydrated, which automatically means you’ll need to use fewer makeup products.

Know your Skin Properly

It’s essential to understand your skin type. You have likely oily, dry, or combination skin. It is vital to know your skin type so that you can select appropriate makeup products. Liquid-based products might be ideal for you if your skin is prone to dryness. Similarly, if you have oily skin, powder-based products should be used. These small details can help you maintain your skin’s freshness and radiance throughout the day. Even if you have dry skin, you should tone down the liquid products a bit due to the heat and sweat.

Avoid Foundation

Summer doesn’t care for our highlighters and foundations. So that your skin doesn’t seem oily, use oil-free makeup products. Under the sun, the shine might make your skin appear oily. If your skin is naturally flawless, you can skip the foundation altogether. Indulge in a spot-corrector if you have some marks and spots on your skin.

Must Use Waterproof Eye Makeup Products

When it comes to eye makeup, your eyelids are bound to be sweat-prone. Use powder-based eye shadow to avoid any makeup gunk or residual. Regardless of the weather, always use waterproof mascara. It’s also a good idea to use a liquid, smudge-proof eyeliner to avoid it melting in the summer heat.

Lip Colors

Bright and refreshing colors are prevalent during the summer season, as well as at weddings. As a result, choose a bright color like red or pink to add a splash of color to your face. Because the makeup will be minimal, a bright lip color will help you stand out.

SPF Protection

As a general rule, you should always apply sunscreen. Sunscreen is essential in every season to protect your skin from dangerous UV radiation, as well as skin damage. If you’re having a pool party as part of your wedding celebrations, it will also keep you from tanning.

Emergency Kit

Carry a touch-up kit with you at all times. All you’ll need is lipstick, blotting paper, a compact mirror, and some Q-tips. They’ll help you in keeping your makeup appearing fresh and beautiful all day. You also won’t have to bother about redoing your makeup.

Let this blog help you. For any bridal makeup-related guidance, contact experts of Dejavu, the best makeup academy and the provider of the top makeup artist course in Bangalore.

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