How to Select the Eyeshadow Color According to Your Hair Color for Your D-day

Choosing an eyeshadow color that looks good on you on your wedding day might be challenging, especially if you don’t use eye makeup very often. There are thousands of different colors in various shades to select from, and finding one that looks nice on you might be troublesome.

Fortunately, you can use your hair color as the prime basis for selecting the perfect shade to complete your ensemble. In this blog, the best wedding makeup artist in Bangalore is going to tell you how to choose the proper eyeshadow color according to your hair color for your special day. And if you are looking for the best makeup institute in Bangalore, feel free to contact team Dejavu right now.

Firstly Figure Out Your Hair Color

Even if your hair is highlighted or colored, try to place it in one of the following categories: black, brown, blonde, red/auburn, or gray/white. It will make selecting the right eyeshadow for you much easier.

Apply Everything for Black & Brown Hair

With black or brown hair, any color will work. Bold colors, such as black, purple, yellow, green, or brown, will contrast beautifully with your hair color. If you have a pale complexion and dark hair, however, you should stick to neutral colors like gold and beige, as well as other pastels, to avoid seeming bruised.

Use Neutral or Natural Colors for Blonde Hair

Dark eyeshadow colors might be overbearing on those with blonde hair who have fair or pale skin. Gray, pink, black, blue, gold, or cream are good choices for enhancing natural coloring without making you look bruised or fatigued.

Use Vivid, Semi-muted Colors for Red or Auburn Hair

Because red or auburn hair is already a bold color, shades like black, pink, gold, olive, or copper will help it stand out even more without being distracting. Shiny or shimmering colors may draw attention away from the hair’s radiance.

Apply Pastels for Gray or White Hair

The lighter color will enhance rather than distract from the fairness of the hair color. Gray, lilac, or blue hair colors will help bring out the natural highlights in the hair.

Use Different Colors for Brightly Colored Hair

For “unnatural” hair colors like purple, pink, or green, anything goes, but choosing colors on the opposite side of the color wheel will help your hair color pop even more. If you have green hair, for example, use pinks and purples to make it stand out. Try a lime green or chartreuse if your hair is pink. Focus on the colors that frame your face if you have multicolored hair. If you have blue bangs, gold or dark orange would be appropriate.

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