Salient Features of Top Courses for Makeup Professionals!

So, you have decided to make a makeup professionals career as a makeup artist in Bangalore? If your decision is final, then you deserve a pat on the back as it is a decent decision that can help you to establish an independent business in the time to come. Usually, the services for the makeup of all types are gaining popularity all over and the craze is sure to go up in the time to come. It is good to understand and accept that the industry is sure to reach its pinnacle in the near future.

However, the decision is still in its beginning phases, and to give it a real shape, you would need to join the best makeup academy that offers the best Makeup Courses in Bangalore. However, the task of finding and reaching a successful makeup academy in Bangalore is not easy as the city has a number of such institutions that run and manage quality makeup classes in Bangalore. To ease your task, you must be very particular about finding the salient features of the best makeup courses in Bangalore that are available with top academies, like Dejavu Makeup!

Involvement of the Best Trainers

As a matter of fact, makeup services are more practical than theoretical! You must accept that creating and executing the right makeup regime is a secret for makeup artists. All these and more can help you to register yourself as a successful and reputed makeup artist, preferably a bridal makeup artist in Bangalore. When it comes to learning these tips, tricks, and techniques of modern makeup trends, you need to reach a reputed makeup academy that has the services of expert trainers.

Hands-on Experience

This is another important feature of modern makeup courses in Bangalore as they allow the trainees to get hands-on practical experience. They can work as assistants of celebrity makeup artists and take a closer look at the processes of a seasoned makeup artist when he attends to a client. Such an experience can do nothing but sharpen the knowledge of the trainees and make them feel confident when they handle their clients individually!

Complete Guidance on Using Makeup Equipment

Modern makeup methods use a variety of machines and other equipment that are very good and effective. The makeup training institutions and academies are very particular about providing exact training on the right use of those machines so that the clients would get the right services. Indeed, the use of these machines eases the task and brings the clients the ultimate comfort and treatment!

Knowledge on using the Best Makeup Materials

At present, a large number of manufacturers are available in India that produces the best quality makeup materials. Though they all claim to be the best ones in the industry, you should be careful about completing all the necessary parameters that can take you to the expert makeup artists only at Dejavu Makeup! Here, your responsibility will be to know which makeup materials are good and which ones are not. You can feel free to ask all types of questions to find out where and not you can use a particular brand of makeup materials.

When you are serious about making a career as a successful bridal makeup artist in Bangalore, then you must get the right advantages that a leading provider of makeup courses in Bangalore can bring. You must be very particular about checking if the academy also provides the trainees with the lectures of celebrity makeup professionals or not. Usually, all leading makeup clinics, like Dejavu Makeup, bring you this advantage. They impart productive lectures from the makeup artists who have acquired international reputation!


Dejavu Makeup-Your Destination for the Best Wedding Makeup

If you are a resident of Bangalore, then you must consider yourself very fortunate as the city is the hub of all the services that you may need for a decent living. It is a prominent cosmopolitan city that has a large number of service providers in every domain. If you are planning the marriage of your daughter then you are sure to find the best provider of wedding makeup in Bangalore as well. As a matter of fact, all the major customer services are available at their best.

If you wish to minimize your search for the best provider of bridal makeup in Bangalore, then you should stop searching and reach the experts at Dejavu Makeup, a prominent makeup clinic and studio in Bangalore that offers decent makeup classes and offers the best makeup facilities. When it comes to bridal makeup, Dejavu Makeup promises to be the right place for you to reach. Here are a few major reasons that make it a worth-reaching place for bridal makeup:

Team of Extraordinarily-Talented Makeup Artists

Dejavu Makeup has a team of highly-talented makeup artists who have proven their skills by working for many years in this domain with distinction. They complete all the necessary parameters before and after the makeup session is over. Their knowledge and readiness to pay attention to every detail is a major reason for their growing popularity all over Bangalore.

Usage of the Best Quality of Makeup Materials

Being a leading makeup clinic in Bangalore, the artists are very well aware of the best makeup materials that people usually prefer. To be very frank, makeup artists have the capability to use the best makeup materials that may suit the needs of the customers well. They respond well to the requirements of the clients and try to bring them the right facilities that they prefer. As a customer, you can be confident to have the right makeup treatment that can be safe for you and can make you look gorgeous on the most happening day of your life!

Online Slot Booking Facility Adds Distinction to the Company

People in Bangalore are very busy and they hardly find enough time to reach the makeup clinics to book the appointment slots. Dejavu has been an exception as it understands the difficulties that people face and that is why the clinic facility books the time slot online. It is very important to start the initiative at least a few months before the date of the wedding as the artists at Dejavu are very popular and they get bookings at a much earlier stage.

Decent Customer Relationship

It is one more thing that makes Dejavu Makeup a favorite destination among the people in Bangalore. The makeup clinic and academy has a specialized team of customer relationship managers and they are very good at carrying out their responsibilities. They take care of every customer and that is why the customers prefer reaching there for all their makeup needs, including bridal makeup in Bangalore.

The Bottom Line

When it becomes mandatory for you to get the most outstanding services of bridal makeup in Bangalore, then you cannot deny or overlook the prominence of Dejavu Makeup. With more than a few years of relentless hard work, the academy has established itself as the most successful for distinguished makeup classes and makeup services for brides. You can always reach the clinic for decent facilities!


4 Mistakes to Avoid While Finding the Best Makeup Artist

Finding an expert makeup artist becomes mandatory if you are trying to get the best makeup for a particular occasion. The need becomes even more important and serious if you are willing to get the right and most gorgeous look on your wedding day. Your priorities increase multiple times if you are a resident of Bangalore. Usually, Bangalore has several makeup artists who bring you the finest facilities for decent makeup services and facilities! You must know, note, and understand that not all makeup artists are not good and reliable.

On most occasions, people commit some mistakes and that often takes them to the wrong place. If you are serious about reaching the best makeup artist in Bangalore, then you must be very particular about not committing the following mistakes:

Making Unnecessary Haste

You must avoid making unwanted haste if you are trying to reach the best makeup artist in Bangalore for the first time. It can be a grave mistake that you cannot bear for long. It can result in poor search results in the end.

Avoiding Shopping Around

Since a large number of makeup clinics and artists are available in Bangalore, therefore many people commit this mistake. You must avoid this by shopping around. Give up the habit of hiring the first makeup artist you reach. Instead, you must reach multiple service providers, collect information from them, and then decide finally!

Not Looking For Client Reviews

Client reviews are extremely helpful and help you reach the best clinic or artist for bridal makeup in Bangalore. You must think about reaching residents and getting their reviews. Apart from that, you can look for online reviews that are extremely helpful. You can look for Google Reviews that real customers publish for the best makeup artist in Bangalore. These reviews are excellent and they guide you most efficiently!

Avoiding Recommendations

Like client reviews, recommendations from known sources can also take you to the best makeup artist in Bangalore or anywhere else in India. You can reach people or other trusted sources that can pass you authentic information! Here, you should be attentive to stay at a safe distance from the recommendations that reach you from unknown or unidentified sources. They can be fake and they can make you land at the wrong place.

So, you see that reaching the best artist for bridal makeup in Bangalore is not difficult provided you put in exemplary efforts to get the best service providers at your place in Bangalore. You need to be patient and take care of all the quality parameters.


Expectations You May have from Wedding Makeup Artist

In case you are looking for the best and the most exceptional bridal makeup artist in Bangalore, then you are not alone as many people often try to find and reach the best professionals who can bring the best bridal makeup. Your search for the best and most experienced wedding makeup artist can take you to the experts at Dejavu Makeup, one of the most knowledgeable clinics that have been serving the customers gracefully.

If you are looking for the most exceptional wedding makeup professionals in Bangalore, then you must develop some expectations that the leading service providers know and try to fulfill. The leading makeup clinics and academies prefer serving their clients so that they can feel satisfied and happy. Here are a few special expectations that you must have from the experts at Dejavu Makeup and other leading makeup clinics in Bangalore:

Best Communication

Communication has been a major factor that establishes a makeup clinic in the hearts of its customers. You are always free to expect that the professionals at the makeup clinics must be open to communicating with their customers. It is an important thing that helps in maintaining transparency in the services and also in the relationship between the customers and the service providers.

Online Booking Facility

People are getting busier and busier these days and that is why they often forget to get the booking and that can create a mess for them. This can be improved by the online booking facilities that many leading makeup clinics and academies have already started in recent times. It is a facility that can help a large number of customers who want to book the best bridal makeup artist in Bangalore. Certainly, it is a very useful expectation that a large number of customers are expecting from leading service providers.

Manageable Cost

The cost or pricing of wedding makeup services is yet another important expectation that most wedding families consider at the very beginning. Some of the most prominent service providers are very positive when they respond positively to this expectation. The leading makeup clinics do not have fixed charges for their services. Rather, they fix the cost of their makeup services depending on the demand the customers often come up with. Indeed, it is one way to help the clients to minimize the cost of makeup treatment they often look for. Here, the clinics take care of all the quality parameters that are irrespective of the cost the customers look forward to.

100% Punctuality

It is yet another thing that most wedding families often expect from the bridal makeup artist in Bangalore. Usually, most weddings in India depend on the perfect time schedules and that is why preparing the brides before the scheduled time is mandatory. The leading makeup academy in Bangalore and elsewhere in India value this and that is why they are committed to serving their clients.

Use of Quality Makeup Materials

Though the Indian market is loaded with a large number of makeup products and materials, not all are good and reliable. Here, you must expect your bridal makeup artist must use the best materials that are certified by the authorities. It is good to mention that the leading makeup clinics emphasize using world-class products only.

The Closing Thought

When it comes to meeting the expectations of bona fide clients, Dejavu Makeup has acquired a great reputation among the clients that reach from all over Bangalore and areas around it. The clinic has been extremely passionate about taking care of all the expectations of the clients.


Dejavu Makeup-A Place to Trust for Wedding Makeup Artist

Are you gearing up for a wedding ceremony at your place in Bangalore?

Have you started the proceedings for arranging the ceremony in style?

Well, the answers may vary from one person to another as their pattern or style of working can be different. However, the families involved in the wedding should be very serious about hiring the services of the best wedding makeup artist in Bangalore. As the name itself tells, these artists have the professional skills to get the most fascinating look and appearance to the brides and also to the lovely ladies in the families. In Bangalore, you may find a large number of such academies and clinics that have built a strong reputation among the clients in Bangalore.

Here, you must have heard the name of Dejavu Makeup, a prominent makeup academy that not only offers the services of the best wedding makeup artist in Bangalore but it also offers top courses to create expert wedding makeup artists to serve people in the time to come. Here are a few prominent reasons that make Dejavu Makeup the most prominent service provider:

Team of Skilled Makeup Artists

Dejavu Makeup is very particular about picking up the best wedding or bridal makeup artist in Bangalore. The clinic completes all the necessary formalities before appointing the best makeup artists on the team. Due to its sincere efforts, the clinic has been successful in building a superb team of exciting makeup professionals in Bangalore who have been serving the customers well.

The distinction of Using the Best makeup Materials

The market of cosmetics has been experiencing a boom in the last few years. Quite a few leading manufacturers have come up with a wide array of products that are gaining popularity slowly and steadily. However, the availability of so many manufacturers does not mean that all of them are reliable. Dejavu Makeup is very particular about picking up the best makeup materials that are 100% safe and secure.

Availability of Celebrity Guest Lecturers

It is one thing that puts Dejavu Makeup much ahead of other service providers in Bangalore. The academy prepares top-class makeup professionals who get themselves ready to serve more and more customers from all over Bangalore and the areas around it. The academy invites sincere and highly-professionals who reach the academy to share their experiences that help these professionals to sharpen their skills and expertise.

The Cost of Services is Affordable

Most wedding families face several big expenses that are often difficult for them to bear. Due to this, Dejavu Makeup comes up with the finest services, and that too at a manageable cost. It is a very significant contribution that makes the customers feel good to hire the services. The academy does not compromise the quality of its services. As a result of this, the company has become more popular among the clients who look for the best wedding makeup artist for superlative wedding makeup for the brides and other ladies in the family.

The Conclusion

When it comes to finding and hiring the best wedding artist in Bangalore, then you must ensure that the artist must be a successful trainee who has undergone the best makeup course near me Bangalore. Dejavu Makeup has been a prominent academy that has served people in two different ways. On one hand, it is providing world-class makeup classes and courses that prepare top-class makeup artists to help customers, including brides. On the other hand, the academy offers the best wedding makeup facilities through expert makeup artists.


Benefits of Joining the Best Makeup Course to Become a Artist

At present, making a self-made career is becoming a popular trend. These days, people have shown increasing interest in makeup and fashion treatment. Due to this, the number of salons and makeup clinics has increased rather significantly. Naturally, the increasing number of these clinics has the demand for skilled makeup artists as well. The market experts have many reasons to suggest you get the right makeup skills and start working as a makeup artist. Additionally, the scope of opening a makeup studio or salon is also wide open in front of you. It can be a major scope for the consistent growth of your career.

However, you need to find and join an institution or academy that offers the best makeup artist course at a place near you. Before joining the course, you must be aware of all the benefits that the makeup course brings to the trainee. Here are some of those benefits that you can always anticipate while joining the best makeup artist course:

Team of Exciting Makeup Instructors

The leading makeup academies, like Dejavu Makeup, have top trainers who have the skills and expertise in imparting the best training to the trainees like you are. To be very particular, the academies pick up skilled makeup instructors who can teach every trainee to know every secret to become the most versatile makeup artist. These trainees are highly knowledgeable and they have the natural ability to impart the right knowledge to every trainee. These trainees are the assets of the leading makeup training academies.

Superior Courseware

Modern makeup courses include both theoretical and practical sessions. For the theoretical part, the academies provide the trainees with the best and the latest courseware that can provide trainees like you with the best knowledge. The best academies make their courseware and that is why they are distinctive by nature. They impart the right knowledge that they can establish through practical sessions.

The Best Infrastructure

Apart from the courseware, the best makeup clinic or academy has the best infrastructure that can bring the trainees the best learning process. Both courseware and infrastructure work as complements to each other. They can help the trainees get the most effective knowledge and that is good for them. The whole training process is perfect and it can bring the right understanding to every trainee who joins the makeup artist course that is available with the best training academy. It is good to know and note that the leading makeup clinics are always alert to get the latest machines and other devices to provide better training to every participant for the course.

Lectures of the Guest Trainees

You cannot overlook this aspect at all! It would not be an exaggeration to say the availability of guest lecturers makes a makeup training center stand apart from other makeup training centers. Dejavu Makeup invites the most professional and celebrity makeup experts who have established themselves not only in India but abroad. They reach the training centers and share their expertise with them. Without any kind of doubt, the experiences shared by these experts can make a big difference in the interests of trainee makeup artists. The presence of these experts makes the makeup artist course in Bangalore.

The Bottom Line

If you want to establish yourself as the best makeup artist in Bangalore, then you cannot avoid or deny reaching top makeup academies that have the best makeup artist course. You should be very particular about talking to the experts at the help desk of Dejavu Makeup without making any delay at all!


What Features Work Together to Make Top Makeup Classes?

Want to get self-employed?
Well, it is one question that every youth must ask themselves as getting a job is becoming increasingly difficult these days, not only in India. As far as answering this question is concerned, it is not very easy as people must have some idea about the possible areas in which they can make a career. Here, the prominent job consultants are talking about a career in Makeup Artists. Indeed, the craze for various types of makeup and beauty treatments is increasing rather fast. It is significant to find that the craze is equal among both men and women. To become a makeup artist, you can easily think about finding and joining the best makeup classes near me, no matter what location you belong to.

If you are serious about getting into this career, then you must join the best makeup classes near me. Usually, these classes have some splendid features that you must notice. These features make these courses popular as well as successful. You must keep an eye on these specialties when you are in the process of finding the best makeup classes:

Superb Learning Atmosphere

The success of a learning institute depends on the atmosphere that the students get. You can always be very sure about speaking openly to the authorities to find if they can guarantee the best learning atmosphere for the trainees. You should be serious about making it an important criterion for picking up the best institute that offers makeup classes near me.

Suitable Timing

It is one important thing that you may look for while you search for the best place for makeup classes. On many occasions, people join these classes after carrying out their other responsibilities. So, they prefer some special timing that can ease their objective of joining these classes. The leading makeup academies in Bangalore, like Dejavu Makeup, understand this well and that is why they offer suitable timing to their trainees.

Team of Trainers

It is a strong feature that makes a successful makeup training institute stands out from other institutions. Usually, they find and include the best trainers who have the best industry knowledge. They have both theoretical and practical knowledge that they can share with their trainees. Indeed, it is a good thing that makes a particular makeup academy successful. They get more attention from the students.

Cost of the Makeup Classes

Without any doubt, the cost of the makeup classes is one thing that the trainees look at right at the very beginning. Their decision of joining a class depends largely on the fact if they can afford the cost of training or not. To help these trainees with limited resources, the leading makeup classes near me in Bangalore and elsewhere in India come up with the best price that they can afford well. Additionally, they offer them scholarships to minimize the burden on their shoulders.

Placement Opportunities

As said in the beginning, makeup artists can start their own business, but the best makeup academy in Bangalore is committed to providing successful trainees with job opportunities. Additionally, they engage the better artists in the same institution as working professionals or trainers. This is not all! The best makeup academy also takes responsibility to help successful trainees to provide them with better establishments of their own.

The Bottom Line

While you are serious about establishing yourself as a successful bridal makeup artist in Bangalore, then you cannot deny or delay reaching the experts at Dejavu Makeup to gather the right knowledge about the makeup classes near me in Bangalore. You must prepare yourself in the best possible manner so that you can get the best advantages.


Features of the Top Makeup Courses from Dejavu Makeup Studio

It makes sense to enroll in the top makeup academy if you want to launch a successful career as a makeup artist. Choose the Dejavu Makeup Studio provides the top professional makeup courses in Bangalore and enroll in any of the in-depth makeup artist courses that interest you. You will undoubtedly have a prosperous career and, consequently, a comfortable life thanks to it.

Although there are online resources available for learning cosmetics, enrolling in a recognized course helps you hone your self-taught talents. Additionally, it gets you ready for professional exposure. Here is all you need to know about our makeup artist courses before enrolling.

Wait before enrolling in the top makeup artist courses. You must be aware of what is taught in makeup lessons. So, check here, after enrolling in our professional makeup courses, you will study the following:

  • Learn about the makeup trends used around the world and the products needed for each facial feature.
  • Various applications and blending techniques will also be covered.
  • A big part of your education will be learning proper makeup etiquette and hygiene.
  • The technical aspects of makeup, such as analyzing your skin type and face shape and choosing a product, will be taught to you.
  • Additionally, you’ll learn how to alter your appearance according to the situation and your face traits.
  • You’ll learn a lot about general and skincare cosmetology.
  • You will also have excellent placement opportunities if you choose us. You will have the chance to collaborate with some of the most well-known artists in the nation or possibly the entire world.

Here are a few of the primary advantages of selecting a makeover course with Dejavu Makeup.

  • When applying for a government position, it matters more.
  • We facilitate obtaining a foreign visa.
  • Your abilities will be upgraded to meet international working requirements.
  • Additionally, we raise the likelihood of finding better work soon after the course is through.

Best courses after high school – The hottest career path following the COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, there is ambiguity regarding the future paths of students who have just completed the 12th grade or are still in school. Many of their issues may be solved by a government-certified, internationally acclaimed vocational program. Taking makeup and hairstyling classes with our best bridal makeup artist in Bangalore is a quick method to launch a lucrative career that is both time and money efficient.

What is the best skill development program to take to become a makeup artist?

Are you considering which degree is appropriate for you now that you are aware of some of the best makeup artist courses? You hold the solution. Find your interest in asking yourself, “What is the purpose of choosing makeup artistry as a profession?” or call and speak with one of our knowledgeable career counselors.

So, just don’t waste your precious time by looking at every makeup course. Start the most suitable course with Dejavu Makeup studio and enhance your makeup artist career in India.


Makeup Course Eligibility Criteria with Dejavu Makeup Studio

Makeup Course Eligibility Criteria. Do you want to work as a makeup artist for a living? The first and most important thing you should do is look for the best makeup artist education in India that is appropriate for you. There are numerous makeup artist courses available here that can help you build a successful career in addition to improving your talents. Unquestionably, working as a makeup artist is glamorous because it can lead to many intriguing job prospects. Beauticians are another name for makeup artists. They do activities linked to facial aesthetics, cosmetics, and other prosthetic design. They also serve as celebrity makeup artists and are connected to actors and actresses. We shall go into great detail about makeup artist courses, eligibility, and scope in this blog about the all services of our Dejavu Makeup studio.

Qualifications needed to work as a makeup artist

Along with your academic credentials, if you are passionate about being a makeup artist, you need to have a few other talents to join Dejavu Makeup Studio, the top makeup academy in Bangalore. Some common abilities listed below are necessary for makeup artists to succeed:

  • Personality traits
  • Understanding of simple beauty items
  • Attention
  • Desire
  • Ability to manage clients
  • Knowledge capacity
  • Determination
  • Cofactor
  • Artistic
  • A capacity for teamwork

Various makeup artistry programs with Dejavu Makeup

The field of makeup artists is growing. So with us, you can find many kinds of makeup artist courses that might aid potential candidates in becoming established makeup artists. At the certificate, diploma, and postgraduate diploma levels, makeup artist courses are offered. Each of these courses may have a different length. Candidates can choose from any of these options based on their schedule and interests.

Courses for Makeup Artist Certificate

  • Course on Herbal Beauty Care
  • Course in Ayurvedic Beauty Care
  • Beauty Salon Training
  • Course in Beauty and Wellness

Subjects for Makeup Artist Courses

The subjects covered in our makeup artist course range widely. The following is a list of some of our popular topics:

  • My styles and procedures
  • Hygiene and skin care
  • Recognizing facial features and skin tone
  • In-depth corrections
  • Consultation on makeup
  • Brush designs

Popular Courses for Makeup Artists with Us

There are various degrees of makeup artist courses available in our studio. Below is a detailed discussion of some well-known makeup artist courses offered at the certificate, diploma, graduate, and postgraduate levels:

Course for Makeup Artists Certificate

Beginners who want to pursue a career as a makeup artist should take this course. Candidates can enroll in certificate programs to acquire the fundamental concepts of makeup application, aesthetic procedures, and other relevant abilities.

Basic Training in Makeup Artistry

Among candidates hoping to enroll in the course, this is one of the most sought-after makeup artist courses. It aids applicants in developing their practical knowledge of different makeup procedures, hairstyling, etc.

Body Art Bachelor of Arts

There is also a standard full-time bachelor’s degree program for the best makeup artist in Bangalore. Candidates can pursue a bachelor’s degree in the arts in a variety of body art and makeup-related fields in this course.

So, if you have the zeal to be the next popular makeup artist, then contact us today.


Top Indian Bridal Makeup Tips and Ideas

Top Indian bridal makeup tips and ideas. There are many things to consider, from reserving the venues to sending the invitations. So, using the tried-and-true advice we’re going to provide, blend your makeup flawlessly amidst all the commotion and look picture-perfect all day.

Utilize our simple beauty advice from Dejavu Makeup, the best for bridal makeup in Bangalore, to look like the Indian Goddess you know you are on your special day.

Washing Your Face

Indian brides adore using solid and vivid colors during their wedding celebrations. Start by spotless your face and wiping it dry to make sure there are no remnants of oil or grime for a long-lasting appearance.

Tips for Base Preparation

For a smooth appearance and an even skin tone, moisturize your face. While working diligently on the face alone, remember to hydrate by gently rubbing your fingertips together in a circular motion. Even better, try a tinted moisturizer.

Face Fixing Advice

  • After hydrating for about two minutes, use a primer and blend it thoroughly. This holds your foundation and concealer in place and preserves the makeup for a long time. Among the best primer brands are Sephora and MAC.
  • It is equally vital to conceal pimples or blotches with concealer. By covering the reddish blemishes on your skin with a colored concealer, such as yellow or green, you can lighten the tone of your skin.
  • Utilizing a makeup brush or blending sponge, apply a foundation without SPF and mix it thoroughly. Apply the foundation to the rest of the face beginning in the middle, blending it outward. Another decent choice would be a foundation with a matte finish. Avoid using foundation with SPF because it will give your face an unflattering “flash” effect in photos. On your wedding day, you won’t be out in the sun for very long.

Bronzer Advice

The face is frequently severely contoured with bronzer to make it appear chiseled and crisp in pictures.

Use an angular blush brush to apply blush in strokes to the chin’s sides only; do not apply to the middle. Apply the same technique to the sides of the forehead, the two sides along the bridge of the nose, but not the top. Squeeze your cheeks together and lightly brush some bronzer onto the top of the contours next to your ear. However, be careful that it does not run the entire length of the contour.

Blush Advice

Take some blush and remove any extra with a blush brush. Maintain a constant smile and mix it upward, towards the ears, in a circular motion.

Eye shadow advice

Indian brides prefer gold eye makeup because it complements their brightly colored lehengas, ghagras, and thick saris. Therefore, if you want to be safe, use this hue.

Lip gloss advice

If your lips are thin, line them along the natural line with a shade that is almost the same tone as your skin. Line the natural lip line with a darker color if your lips are full. Put on lipstick that goes well with your overall outfit.

Skin Exfoliation

To get rid of dead skin, exfoliate your skin. But keep in mind to just exfoliate twice or three times every week. Your skin may get dry from excessive exfoliating.

But, the best is if you can simply contact us, then we will do your bridal makeup in the best way on your special day. Or you can also take the top bridal makeup training in Bangalore from Dejavu Makeup.